Patients in ambulances wait outside A+E for up to 10 hours.


A line of ambulances.

Patients in ambulances are having to wait outside North Manchester General Hospital for up to 10 hours outside accident and emergency. The NHS is under severe pressure as patients needing medical support has vastly risen. This has become an ongoing problem over the past few years and there is yet to be a solution to tackle this issue.

With the rise of elderly people needing social care and deathly illnesses increasing, people are needing more medical attention.


Professor Matt Makin, Medical Director at The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, said:


“Last year we saw over a third of a million patients requiring urgent care across our hospitals. Our A&E departments have continued to face real pressures throughout the year and we know demand on our services further increases over winter.


“October was a particularly busy and difficult period for A&Es across our patch and nationally, and we reported a larger number of longer waits than usual for patients to be admitted to a hospital ward after being seen by an A&E doctor at our North Manchester site.  The situation has improved in November, but we are still facing pressures due to patients not being discharged from our hospital wards home or in the community and therefore not freeing up beds as quickly as required.


“We always aim to see and treat patients attending our three emergency departments and urgent care centre as quickly as possible and provide them with the best possible care. Like most Trusts across the country, we are finding this a challenge due to the flow of patients in and out of hospitals and the large numbers of admissions of patients, particularly those who are elderly and with complex and chronic health conditions.

“Patient safety remains our priority and our staff are working extremely hard to triage and treat those with serious conditions, those who require urgent attention, and critically ill patients brought in by ambulance as a priority. We are sorry that some patients have to wait longer than we would like to be seen by a doctor and also those who are waiting to be admitted and taken to the ward.

Tazeem Akhtar, a regular patient at the hospital said this about the service: “It is appalling and there needs to be a change. It takes so long for one person to be checked up that some people prefer not going to the hospital due to the extremely long wait” .


The professor further said they will continue to work closely as a local healthcare system with the NHS primary care, community care and social care colleagues to speed up treatment, admission and discharge times for the patients. They are working hard to improve the performance, reduce waiting times and find ways to manage the demands on the services.

For example, at the A&E department at North Manchester, a number of measures have been put in place to support staff in A&E to stabilise and strengthen the service. This involves enhanced GP and primary care input directly into the department from Manchester GPs, enhanced community services, and increased physiotherapy and pharmacy staff in A&E. Additional temporary A&E consultant cover from senior clinicians has also been offered from other neighbouring Trusts at the MRI and Salford Royal.


“For some patients, there are alternatives for less serious or minor problems, including your GP and out-of-hours doctor and primary care support, local community pharmacies and the freephone NHS 111 number. These can all direct you to the most appropriate care quickly and efficiently.”



 Summary of the statement by the NHS:

  • For any patient that is recognised as ‘frail’ is immediately placed on a bed and measures put in place to ensure they suffer no harm from pressure damage etc.
  • All patients who are expected to or have waited 6 hours in A&E are transferred onto a bed where all risk assessments are carried out (falls, pressure areas, VTE etc.)
  • Patients are not held in corridors but in cubicles in A&E or in medical assessment units before being admitted to a ward
  • All patients receive meaningful contact with staff on a regular basis to ensure their needs are met.
  • Staff in A&E ensure patients are provided with hot and cold drinks and food; a dedicated housekeeper has been employed to support nursing staff
  • The only patients who are in a corridor are the ones who are waiting to be offloaded by the ambulance service (NWAS)
  • The Trust currently report all 12-hour A&E breaches via the StEIS system, which is out of line with the majority of other NHS providers.
  • We still undertake the analysis of all patients who breach 12 hours to see how things can be improved.
  • All patients who breach 12 hours are subject to audit after the event to ensure that the relevant risk assessments have been done



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Illegal Parking disrupts the peace in Crumpsall

Illegal Parking has reported to be on the rise in the Crumpsall suburban area in Manchester as neighbours complain about cars parked on their footpaths. The streets that have been affected mostly by this incident are St Mary’s Hall Road , Eaton Road, Parsonage Street, Arlington Street, Lansdowne Road and Givendale Drive.

Parking tickets havn’t been given out in response to this surge of illegal parking, which is why the residents of Crumpsall have filed a complaint for more legal action to take place and to tackle this issue.


Parking illegally is a parking violation and the usual penalty against this is a parking ticket or a fine. The residents in the neighbourhood agree that the crumpsall area isn’t the most surveyed by the police which is why other crimes such as drug dealing, attacks, burglaries and graffiti take place on a daily basis without any evidence of the offenders.

A resident of Givendale Drive had a one on one chat with me in regards to the illegal parking and how it affects her everyday life : ” I can’t even walk properly anyway as i’m an old woman so I have a walking stick but usually when I do walk on the path there isn’t much space to walk or space for my rucksack which I carry”.

She further said ” there needs to be something done about this and the police must take action. It baffles me that the people who are parking illegally do it without any care or concern that it may be disrupting the residents when they are walking. They only do it because they are getting away with it which shows how ridiculous the criminal justice system is in regards to minor offences that affect the local people”.

GMP are yet to release a statement in response to the residents’ complaints.

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Residents of Crumpsall are in for a bargain in the summer.


The people of Crumpsall are in for a sweet summery surprise as a new Home Bargains Store looks set to be opening in Summer 2017. It is replacing the Morrisons store which has been closed for several months much to the shock of many of its loyal customers. This was reportedly due to a lack of sales and customers.

Home Bargains is obviously a hugely popular discount store which is known for its cheaper prices and it’s a favourite amongst families. It looks like it will be a huge success when it opens in the summer as they already have over 400 stores open in the UK and make regular hefty profits. Snapchat-344385876


I spoke to a local girl who lives near Morrisons on Wilton Road, called Roheen Nawaz who told me how excited she is by the news.

“It is very exciting because in Crumpsall we don’t have any local supermarkets which is very frustrating so we have to usually go travel quite a distance to buy groceries. Now anytime we need anything, its just a 5 minute walk which is hugely convenient. I’m really happy that its home bargains as well cause I feel like the prices in Morrisons were too high which put my family off from going there plus everything that we needed wasn’t there.”

I asked her if she thought Crumpsall lacks a variety of stores to which she replied : ” yes I think we do however it is a quiet area because of the fact that we don’t have many shops. There is a supermarket in Blackley, Co Op Food and also in Cheetham Hill, Tesco so I didn’t really understand why there wasn’t one in Crumpsall especially after the closing of Morrisons”.

There is yet to be a date announced for the opening of  Home Bargains but excitement is building in the quiet town.


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